More details on Slingbox for Windows Mobile

More details today on new software from Slingbox today that will allow you to access your home TV/DVR from mobile devices running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Platform versions 4.0 or 5.0.

From the articles:

You can watch your home TiVo from the back seat of a car driving on the 101,” Krikorian said.

“You can watch ‘Lost’ the day after it airs without paying two bucks,” added Sling Media PR director Brian Jaquet, in a reference to the television programs sold on Apple’s iTunes for viewing on an iPod.

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3 responses to “More details on Slingbox for Windows Mobile

  1. Hi! Mike

    It’s YC from the Technocrat Soapbox.

    I published an article about the waning effectiveness of TV advertising today…citing many reasons…among them…you guessed it…the SlingBox…

    I would like to share the article with you:
    “The Changing Lanscape of TV Advertising”

    If you can, please give me some comments or suggestions.

    And oh, I forgot, I have been invited to be a guest blogger at

    Thanks. Take it easy, buddy.


  2. Yep…they announced it at CES 2006.

    SlingMedia is going to provide PocketPC support for the SlingBox:

    YC @ The Technocrat Soapbox

  3. Hey Mike

    Mac support for SlingBox was announced at Macworld:

    SlingMedia demonstrate SlingPlayer for the Mac

    YC @ The Technocrat Soapbox

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