eBay reports Skype revenue

In their earnings announement yesterday, eBay provided some very interesting revenue figures for their recently acquired Skype division. eBay acquired Skype on October 14, 2005 and since that time, the Skype unit has had $24.9 million in revenues. At the end of Q4 2005, they reported 74.7 million registered Skype users.This really is tremendous growth. I did some digging around and came up
with these data points for registered Skype users:

Date Registered Users (millions)




(History section)
3/11/2005 29 Wikipedia
(History section)
8/14/2005 50 Skype
9/12/2005 54 Skype
10/25/2005 61 Skype
12/31/2005 75 eBay
(1/18/06 earnings report)

Since August 2005 (5 months), that averages out to 178,000 new Skype users per
! Below is a chart showing the growth since the first public beta
in August 2003:

Check out Om Malik’s blog and VoIPWiki for some interesting analysis on the Skype numbers.

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