My Yahoo gets AJAXy

It’s good to see Yahoo making some improvements to MyYahoo. They recently added the ability to drag & drop content. This is a standard feature on most of the new AJAX homepages. I’m not so sure where these new home pages (Netvibes, Zoozio, etc.) will be a year from now. I suspect that most of them will either be bought out by Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, etc. or will shut down due to a flimsy business model. I haven’t tried all of them but I’ve been very impressed with Protopage. All in all, the proliferation of these Ajax homepages is a good thing because they are pushing the bigger players to add more features, which ultimately benefits the users.

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One response to “My Yahoo gets AJAXy

  1. Thanks for the update – I need to check this out.
    I had been wondering how long this would take them when I had blogged about Google’s services – (
    Given their recent work with Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Maps this was a logical step.

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