Digg Effect

This is what it looks like when a low-traffic blog like mine ends up on the front page of Digg.com. This happened last Sunday evening with the iTunes sales graph. By Wednesday, the traffic was back to the usual numbers.

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3 responses to “Digg Effect

  1. Congrats on the digg. That’s awesome. By the way, what tool do you use for traffic monitoring? Those are really pretty graphs.

  2. Hey nate – I’m using Google Analytics for the graphs.

  3. I surfed on to your blog form the del.icio.us iTunes tag. Once at your site I noticed that you had a site meter and thought I would take a look at it. First I noticed that you average about 88 hits a day, I thought cool. Then I looked at your monthly chart and noted that you had a 14 K hit day.

    I thought wow, could this be a glitch in site meter or something. Then I noticed this post. Great info and congrats on creating a single post that got so many hits. If you keep this up you will get a lot of traffic. Best of luck to you.

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