How much for #715?

Bidding on the Barry Bonds homerun ball #715 started this afternoon on eBay. The bidding starts at $10,000. The last Barry Bonds “milestone” ball (#700) went for $804,129 back in October 2004. Something tells me that this ball won’t go for anywhere near that amount. My prediction: $50,000. In unrelated news, Mr. Bonds turned 42 (!) today.7/25 Update:

The bidding is off to a very slow start. 6 bids so far and the latest offer is only $11,500.

7/26 Update:

OK, so much for my prediction. 42 bids now and the price is up to $125K with 8 days left on the auction.


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2 responses to “How much for #715?

  1. You couldn’t pay to take that ball. As a life long fan and season ticketholder, I am no Barry fan. I call him Barroid!

  2. Anonymous

    The Auction for the Barry Bonds 715 home run ball will most likley go over a million dollars, Auctionwire is managing and running the auction and that means its pretty serious, Ive seen some of the auctions they run which are always top notch.

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