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Improved international Flickr maps

One of the only knocks against Flickr’s new geotagging service has been the lack of detailed maps for non-U.S. locations. It’s good to see that they’re making progress on expanding the maps. When I saw that they recently added maps for Bora Bora I decided to upload my honeymoon photos from 5 years ago. Check them out on a map here.

geotagged Bora Bora

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Geotagged photos from 9/11

One of the cool features of Flickr’s new geotagging service is the ability to do a date based filter on the area that you are focusing in on. For example, below is a map showing all of the photos in the NY area filtered on September 11, 2001. I was surprised to see that only 6 photos (as of today, 9/9/06) from that day have been geotagged on Flickr. See this map on Flickr.

9/20/06 Update:

Quite a few more photos have been added over the past couple of weeks (46 photos as of today), including a large number of photos from Flickr user *Hiro.

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Create a dynamic family photo screen saver

You might have heard about a product called Ceiva. Ceiva is a picture frame that plugs into a phone line. Each night it automatically downloads digital photos to the picture frame. It’s a great way to share photos with family members but it costs money. Ceiva charges you for the frame and you need to pay a monthly fee to use the service.

Now there are ways to accomplish almost the same thing using Flickr and a free screen saver that integrates with Flickr. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Open an account with flickr. Both free and pro memberships are available.

2) Upload your family photos to your flickr account.

3) There are two ways that you can identify the photos that you want to share:

– Tag the photos with a special tag name – e.g. “family”, “smithfamily”, etc.


– Set up a Private Group on flickr for your family photos. This option is better if you want your screen saver to include photos from multiple family members.

4) Download the Slickr screensaver. Slickr currently runs on Windows only. Slickr is free but the developer takes donations here. This is a really great free program, so I encourage you to donate!

5) Install Slickr and open Slickr (Settings).

If you tagged photos in step 3, you’ll want to select the “User” option and type in your user name (the name of the user who posted the photos). Then click the “Tags” option and type in the tag name that you used in step 3 – e.g. “family”. You can only enter one tag.


If you are using a Group, select the Group option and type in the group name.


6) There are a couple of other Slickr settings that you might want to adjust:

  • Under the Options tab, you can specify the Cache directory (Slickr will download the photos to your hard drive) and the maximum cache size in MB.
  • You can also control how many seconds each photo will display, the minimum image size, and you can control various transition effects. You can un-check the “Show logo” option if you don’t want the Slickr logo to appear.

7. To preview your screensaver, run Slickr (Console).

8. When you installed Slickr, it should have set Slickr up as your screen saver. To double check this, go to Settings > Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver and make sure that Slickr is the selected screen saver.

That’s it! When you add more photos to Flickr using the family tag (or when you add photos to the private group), the new photos will show up in the Slickr screen saver. Once you have tested this out yourself, you can send these instructions out to your family members. Make sure to specify the Tag name or Group name when you send out the instructions.

Another tip:

If you have a big-screen TV, hook a laptop up to the TV and run the screen saver on the TV. It looks great!


If you’re a Mac user, check out Picture Framer. Picture Framer runs in your Dashboard. You can pull in photos from multiple sources, including flickr. The version that I’m running doesn’t allow you to filter by tag or group but you can specify a flickr Set. So if you go this route, you can set up a flickr set dedicated to family photos and use Picture Framer to display those photos.

9/21 Update: 
Here’s another option for Mac users who have iPhoto 6:
KuraFire Network > Flickrlicious Screensavers with iPhoto 6

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Flickr’s new Geotagging Service

I’m loving Flickr’s new geotagging service. And apparently a lot of other people love it too. According to Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, 1.2 million photos were geotagged in the first 24 hours. Click here to see my geotagged photos. Click on the pink dots to see the photos.

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San Francisco November Sunsets

The sunsets have been pretty amazing in the SF Bay Area the past couple of days, especially the sunset on Sunday the 13th. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me but I was able to find some good shots on Flickr. As far as I can tell, these are all shots of the same sunset, taken by different people from various locations around the Bay Area.

2/1/2005 Update:

Check out the Flickr blog for a similar sunset “collage” from 1/29/2006.

Jef Poskanzer



Harold Davis






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