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iPod Hi-Fi – no thanks

I’m going to pass on the Apple Hi-Fi and stick with my Sonos system. And $99 for a leather iPod case? Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that too. Here’s a sample reaction from the comments section of the Engadget livecast.

how can jobs say he’s an audiophile when iTunes sells crap lo-fi music and he drops a turd like the “ipod hifi” on the market?!??!? boo apple…was hoping it would be something like the soundbridge or something and maybe lossless music on itunes….. 😦

The new Intel-based Mac Mini, on the other hand, looks promising. How much longer until HD content is available on iTunes?

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Skype Registered Users Graph

For those of you saw my iTunes Sales Graph, make sure to check out a similar graph that I did a couple of months ago showing the growth of Skype registered users. I’ll be updating that graph in a month or so when eBay reports Q1 2006 earnings.

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Introducing the iPod Macro

The iPod Macro, spotted in the window at Papenhausen Hardware in the West Portal neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s hard to tell in the photo but the screen is a small TV set.

Introducing the new iPod Macro

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iTunes Song Purchases plotted on a graph

Apple recently announced 1 billion songs purchased on iTunes. I dug around the Apple press releases and tracked down some of the major iTunes milestones over the last few years. It’s amazing that there have been 500 million songs purchased since July 2005. That’s 500 million songs purchased in 7 months for an average of 71 million songs purchased per month!

2/26/06 Update:

Additional data point: 850 million on Jan 10, 2006 (announced at Macworld)


Songs Purchased (millions)


05/15/2003 1 Apple
06/23/2003 5 Apple
09/8/2003 10 Apple
12/15/2003 25 Apple
03/15/2004 50 Apple
07/12/2004 100 CNN
12/16/2004 200 Apple
07/17/2005 500 Apple
02/24/2006 1000 Apple

graph created using NCES Create a Graph

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Diggnation at Beach Chalet

Diggnation did a live show at Beach Chalet last night. More photos here.

Diggnation Episode #35

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Trying out the new Google Page Creator

I tested out the new Google Page Creator and, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the WYSIWYG tool, but I’m not really sure where they are going with this. I was able to build this page in about 20 minutes. I just worry that this is going to be Google’s version of Geocities. This one-line review pretty much sums it up: “No RSS? What is this for, cat photos?”.

Google Page Editor

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Historical San Francisco Map Update

Recently added to the Historical San Francisco Map:


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