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Icer Air at AT&T Park

I checked out the Icer Air event today at AT&T Park.


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YouTube > Album Cover Galore

Fun with album cover art (sort of NSFW)…

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Another Album Leaf video

Here’s another video from The Album Leaf show that I attended at Mezzanine last weekend. One of the cool things about their live performance is the accompanying background video. Warning: The audio is pretty rough on this video. Check out Hype Machine for a preview of this track, which is called Outer Banks.

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The Album Leaf at Mezzanine, San Francisco

I saw The Album Leaf play at Mezzanine on Saturday night…

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Wall of Shadows

I was at the Yahoo campus a couple of nights ago for the party. They have a cool shadow wall set up near the cafeteria. If you walk by the wall, your shadow is recorded and it appears on the wall as part of a mosaic of moving shadows. We decided to have some fun with it. Take a look at the shadows on the lower right…

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Huck at Fort Funston

Here’s my dog Huck (a Goldendoodle) catching a frisbee at Fort Funston.

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Chappelle’s Show > What if the internet was a real place?

A classic sketch from the Chappelle’s Show. Just say no the “goat play”.


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